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Substance Use Disorder Peer Recovery Coach Services

Programs that connect individuals who have a substance use disorder with a recovery coach who supports patients, family members and treatment personnel in launching the individual's recovery process or stabilizing recovery when needed. While they don't provide clinical services, recovery coaches, as people with lived addiction recovery experience, demonstrate that people can recover. They offer guidance in creating and following through with a recovery plan that reflects the individual's goals, provide support through the inevitable ups and downs, and hope to those living with an alcohol or drug use disorder. Some hospital emergency departments have outside recovery coaches on call, who connect with the client following an opioid overdose or other alcohol or drug related medical crisis. In other cases, clients are introduced to a recovery coach when they begin treatment in an inpatient program or at a community based outpatient treatment facility, or are connected through other channels e.g., outreach programs. Some people engage a recovery coach as a first step to help them figure out what other type of professionals/services they need while others get a recovery coach after rehabilitation to help them make the transition home and continue to support their sobriety.

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Thru: Compeer Rochester, Inc.

Clients can inquire about their HARP status by calling Medicaid Choice at 1-855-789-4277. Once enrolled, clients would need to complete an eligibility assessment by an assessor or through their insurance company (RC-Recovery Coordinator) to determine which of the services they are appropriate for.

Compeer Rochester, Inc.

259 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes

Resident of the area served. Services available to all who are in need.

Geneva Office

94 Exhange Street
Geneva, NY

Thru: Recovery Coach University

Must be 18 or over.

Recovery Coach University

565 Blossom Road
Gallery Q
Rochester, NY

M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Thru: Center for Community Alternatives

Adults in recovery.

Recovery Community & Outreach Center

803 West Avenue
Suite 196
Rochester, NY

Thru: Liberty Resources, Inc.

Families/Friends of individuals with substance use disorders and individuals with substance use disorders.

Liberty Resources - Rochester Behavioral Health

175 Winton Road North
Rochester, NY

Thru: Wayne Behavioral Health Network

Active use or in recovery.
American Sign Language, Spanish

Wayne Behavioral Health Network

1519 Nye Road
Lyons, NY

M-F 8:00AM-4:00PM Array