Community Support Team and Victim Assistance Services

thru: City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Human Services

Helps people in crisis, traumatic, or victim situations by giving them information and help:
  • Information about where to find community resources like a place to live, food, and help with feelings.
  • Domestic Violence Specialist available. 
  • Talks with people to help them feel better, counseling support. 
  • Helps manage things like paperwork and plans.
  • Information about orders to stay safe and get help from the law.
  • Helps with going to court, including rides.
  • Support for victims.
  • Helps get back things that were lost.
  • Helps with paying back for things that were damaged or taken.
  • Helps the community learn more and reaches out to people.
  • Helps victims access support from the Office of Victim Services. 

Cultural Competency BadgeCultural Competency

Language Access BadgeLanguage Access

Eligibility: Residents of area served experiencing crisis, trauma, and victimization in need of support and resource information.

Application Process: Drop in or call to schedule an appointment.

Required Documentation: Call for information.

Fees: No fee for services.

Coverage Note: City of Rochester.

Cultural Competency: Signage and advertising for diverse populations, Staff reflects population served

Languages: Spanish- Staff provides service in language offered, Materials/literature in language indicated, Website can be translated


This program is offered here:

M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM.



Alia Henton-Williams
Manager, Crisis Intervention Services Unit

Steve Carter
Supervisor, Community Support Team

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