Community Support Team and Victim Assistance Services

provided by City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Human Services

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Rochester Department of Recreation and Human Services

57 St Paul Street
Rochester NY 14604
M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM.

* Helps people in crisis, traumatic, or victim situations by giving them information and help:
  • Information about where to find community resources like a place to live, food, and help with feelings.
  • Domestic Violence Specialist available. 
  • Talks with people to help them feel better, counseling support. 
  • Helps manage things like paperwork and plans.
  • Information about orders to stay safe and get help from the law.
  • Helps with going to court, including rides.
  • Support for victims.
  • Helps get back things that were lost.
  • Helps with paying back for things that were damaged or taken.
  • Helps the community learn more and reaches out to people.
  • Helps victims access support from the Office of Victim Services. 

Cultural Competency BadgeCultural Competency

Language Access BadgeLanguage Access

Eligibility: Residents of area served experiencing crisis, trauma, and victimization in need of support and resource information.

Application Process: Drop in or call to schedule an appointment.

Required Documentation: Call for information.

Fees: No fee for services.

Coverage Note: City of Rochester.

Cultural Competency: Signage and advertising for diverse populations, Staff reflects population served

Languages: Spanish - Staff provides service in language offered, Materials/literature in language indicated, Website can be translated


The City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Human Services helps with many things in Rochester. They take care of places like the Rochester Public Market and the International Plaza, where people go to shop and attend events. They have programs for kids to play and learn in parks and centers throughout the city.