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Certified Peer Specialists

An occupational title for individuals with "lived experience" who have been trained and certified to work with individuals who have struggles pertaining to mental health, psychological trauma or substance use. Peer support specialists can work with individuals as they develop and implement a personal recovery plan, which can also serve as a contract for engagement. Tasks may include assisting their peers in articulating their goals for recovery and learning and practicing new skills, helping them monitor their progress, supporting them in their treatment, modeling effective coping techniques and self help strategies based on their own recovery experience, and supporting them in advocating for themselves to obtain effective services. Peer specialists may work in a variety of different settings. Some may work alongside mental health providers in clinical settings such as hospitals and crisis centers. Others may work in independent, peer-run organizations. Peer specialists may also work on support teams in housing agencies or employment organizations, or may work on case management.

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Thru: Academy of Peer Services

While designed for the certification of peer specialists, anyone with an interest in learning more about peer support is welcome to take courses.

Academy of Peer Services

Piscataway, NJ

Courses are online and on demand 24/7.

Thru: Friends of Recovery-New York


Friends of Recovery-New York

1529 Western Avenue
Albany, NY

Dates and times depend on trainer.