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Middle School Students

Individuals who are enrolled in public or private middle schools that are part of the formal education system. Middle schools serve pre-adolescent and young adolescent students between grades 5 and 9, with most in the grade 6-8 range. Schools in the upper grade range (7-9) are sometimes also referred to as junior high schools.

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Thru: Scarlet Thread Ministries

Youth in middle or high school.

Clyde Youth Center

27 West Genesee St
Clyde, NY

Lyons Youth Center

9 Manhattan Street
Lyons, NY

Marion Youth Center

3757 Mill Street
Marion, NY

Mill Street Youth Center

32 Mill Street
Sodus, NY

Newark Youth Center

835 Peirson Avenue
Newark, NY

North Rose Wolcott Youth Center

6025 New Hartford St
Wolcott, NY

Williamson Youth Center

6191 Bennett Street
Williamson, NY