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Diversity Awareness Training

Programs that offer workshops, discussion groups and other types of training which focus on the knowledge and interpersonal skills that participants may need in order to work and live comfortably and effectively with people, for example, who have different cultural or religious backgrounds or sexual orientations, or who live with disabilities or represent a different age group. The training typically helps participants clarify their own values and attitudes and understand how these condition their expectations of and reactions to others. It may also include material that addresses the similarities and differences between two (or more) specific cultures and helps participants understand the perspectives, customs, history, use of language and other aspects of the other culture in order to help prevent cultural differences from becoming barriers to communication, interaction and appreciation.

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Thru: Booker T. Washington Community Center

Varies by program call for information.

Booker T. Washington Community Center

23 Chapman Avenue
Auburn, NY

Thru: The Rochester Rainbow Union

No age requirement. Support groups varies call for information.
Spanish, American Sign Language

The Rochester Rainbow Union

50 Prince Street
Rochester, NY