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Home Health Aide Services

Programs that offer the services of paraprofessional aides who provide personal health care services which do not require special technical training, in the homes of recently discharged hospital patients, elderly individuals and people with disabilities. Services are provided in accordance with a written home health care plan and may include feeding, bathing and grooming patients; changing their beds; taking their temperature, pulse or respiration; helping them to the toilet or to use a bedpan; and other types of assistance that enhance their physical and emotional comfort. The home health aide may also perform other activities as taught by a health professional for a specific patient including changing a colostomy bag; assisting with the use of devices for aid to daily living; assisting with prescribed range of motion exercises; assisting with prescribed ice cap or collar; doing simple urine tests for sugar, acetone or albumin; measuring and preparing special diets; measuring fluid intake and output; and supervising the self-administration of medications (reminding the individual to take the medication, opening bottle caps, reading the medication label to the individual, observing the individual taking medications, checking the self-administered dosage against the label of the container and reassuring the individual that they have obtained and are taking the correct dosage).

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Thru: Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth

Ages 60 years and older. Spouse, family or interested persons of those aged 60 years and older. Call for information.

Wayne County Department of Aging and Youth

1519 Nye Road
Suite 300
Lyons, NY

Thru: Elderchoice Inc.

Residents of area served. Elderly and​/or individuals with traumatic brain injury.

Elderchoice Inc.

208 West Main Street
Elbridge, NY

Thru: HCR Home Care

Persons in need of medical and non-medical home care.
Sign language. Spanish. Russian. Ukrainian.

Central New York Office

6007 Fair Lakes Road
Suite 200
East Syracuse, NY

HCR Home Care

85 Metro Park
Rochester, NY

Thru: New York State Department of Health

New York State resident. U.S. citizenship is not required. Eligible if waiting for Medicaid or insurance coverage. Eligible to teen-agers if unable to use their parents' money or resources. Call for income guidelines which is the same for all components of the program.

Thru: UR Medicine Home Care

Sign language. Spanish. Other languages are available via a translator phone service and are limited to their offerings.

UR Medicine Home Care

2180 Empire Boulevard
Webster, NY

UR Medicine Home Care - Geneva

756 Pre Emption Road
Geneva, NY

Thru: Interim Healthcare of Rochester, Inc.

Must meet admission criteria.
Other language assistance available.

Interim Healthcare of Rochester, Inc.

1 S Washington Street
Suite 200
Rochester, NY

Thru: Maxim Healthcare Group

Based on needs assessment.
Spanish. , Spanish

Maxim Healthcare Services

150 State Street
Suite 300
Rochester, NY

Thru: Elite Home Health Care

Call for information.

Elite Home Health Care

439 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Lifetime Care

Varies with program. Hospice care: must be terminally ill with six months or less to live. Hospice care provided in Monroe, Wayne and Seneca Counties.
Sign language. Spanish as needed.

Lifetime Care

3111 Winton Road S
Rochester, NY

Lifetime Care Livingston County

3513 Thomas Drive, Suite 6
Lakeville, NY

Lifetime Care Wayne County

800 W Miller Street, Unit 6
Newark, NY

Thru: Unlimited Care

Must be prescribed by a physician. Call for information.
Spanish. Interpreter services available for other languages.

Unlimited Care

1200 Jefferson Road
Suite 206
Rochester, NY

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