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Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays

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Programs that identify infants, toddlers and in some cases, preschoolers who show evidence of or are at risk for lags in physical development, cognitive development, language and speech development, psychosocial development or self-help skills, and provide or coordinate the delivery of an enrichment program in order to minimize the potential for a developmental delay and to meet their current developmental needs. The program may include early identification activities (child find); a developmental evaluation; a review of family concerns, priorities and resources; meetings with the family to develop an individualized family service plan; service coordination to ensure that the individual and his or her family receive needed services which may include but are not limited to physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, health/medical services, nursing services, nutrition services, psychological services including specialized play groups or therapy sessions, counseling, speech and language assistance, special instructional services, transportation, and parenting skills development; and ongoing evaluation of the child's progress and his or her changing enrichment needs. Included are "birth to three" programs and federal, state or local programs that address the needs of slightly older children or children not otherwise eligible for "birth to three" programs.

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Thru: Arc GLOW

Resident of area served. Have an intellectual and or developmental disability. Varies according to program. Call for information.


18 Main Street
Mount Morris, NY

Thru: Bright Start Pediatric Services

Birth-5 years old. Eligibility is determined by evaluations through above noted programs.

Bright Start Pediatric Services

149 N Main Street
Fairport, NY

Thru: Cayuga County Health Department

Infant-Child Health Assessment Program: Ages birth-2 years, at risk for physical and developmental disabilities. Early Intervention Program: Infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. Preschool Special Education Program: Ages 3-5 years. Diagnosed with disabilities.

Cayuga County Health Department

8 Dill Street
Auburn, NY

Thru: Ontario County Public Health

Birth-21 years old. Special healthcare needs. Early intervention: Ages birth-3 years, developmental delays.

Ontario County Public Health

3019 County Complex Drive
Canandaigua, NY

M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM.

Thru: Catholic Charities Family and Community Services

Call for information.

Jay Street Location

1099 Jay Street
Building J
Rochester, NY

Thru: West Irondequoit Central School District

Children with developmental delays ages 3-5.

West Irondequoit Central School District

321 List Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: CP Rochester

Must have physical or multiple disabilities for most services. Preschool Special Education: age 3-5. Early Intervention Services: birth to age 3. Pediatric Rehabilitative Services: birth to age 21. Dental Services: age 3 and older. All other programs​/services: call for information.

CP Rochester

3399 Winton Road S
Rochester, NY

Call for hours.

Thru: Room to Bloom Therapy Services LLC

Must be a family with a child ages birth to 5 years showing signs of developmental delay, and live in the area served.

Room to Bloom

1850 Buffalo Road
Suite 200
Rochester, NY

Thru: Brighton Central School District

Children with developmental delays ages 3-5.

Brighton Central School District

2035 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY

Thru: Brockport Central School District

Children with developmental delays ages 3-5.

Brockport Central School District

40 Allen Street
Brockport, NY

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