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Remedial Education

Programs that are designed to develop specific cognitive skills, usually in the language arts and mathematics, from a deficient level to one that is appropriate to the educational level and aspirations of a particular student. Diagnostic testing to determine the nature and extent of the problem may also be included.

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Thru: Literacy Volunteers of Rochester

Ages 18 or older, out of school.

Literacy Rochester

1600 South Avenue
Suite 100
Rochester, NY

Thru: The Norman Howard School

Students in grades 5–12 with special learning needs including those with classifications of Learning Disability, Other Health Impairment, Speech and Language Impairment, or Autism. Candidates for admission benefit from an academic program and do not require significant behavioral and​/or communication interventions. Call for more information.

The Norman Howard School

275 Pinnacle Road
Rochester, NY

School hours: M-F 8:30AM-3:17PM.