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Resources related to the courts and justice, legal representation, contracts, mediation, advocacy, or help with self-representation.

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District Attorney

  • Prosecuting officer for the county tasked with bringing criminal charges against those accused of crimes. Also in charge of enforcing child support.

Drug Crime Reporting

  • Hotline services where anyone can leave an anonymous tip about narcotics activity.


  • Local level police agencies responsible for investigating and preventing crime, making arrests, and enforcing traffic rules.


  • County level police agency responsible for investigating crime, making arrests, and patrolling to protect lives and property.

Highway Patrol

  • State level police agency which enforces traffic rules and promotes safety on freeways and outside other jurisdictions covered by more local agencies.

Sex Offender Registry

  • Central database of those convicted of sexual crimes who have been released from their incarceration and are living in the general population.


  • Court systems at all levels where criminal cases are heard and decided and civil disputes are settled.

Citizenship and Immigration

  • Legal help for immigrants, asylum seekers, green card holders, and those hoping to become full US citizens.

Discrimination Assistance

  • Help for those who believe they have been treated unfairly because of a protected class, such as: age, gender, race or ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.

General Legal Aid

  • Legal counseling and representation for ordinary matters such as bankruptcy, family law, elder law, housing, etc. for those who cannot afford it.

Labor and Employment

  • Legal advice for anything related to employment, such as: worker safety, disability access, violence, harassment, whistleblower protection, among many other topics. As well as help with setting up better workplaces.

Child Custody

  • Legal help with child custody and child visitation.

Child Support

  • Legal help with establishing monetary support for a child from the other parent, working out insurance for a child, or obtaining unpaid support.


  • Legal help with filing for or responding to a suit for divorce, including issues with assets and parenting.

Paternity Suits

  • Legal help with proving someone is or is not the genetic parent of a child, usually with regard to paying child support.

Abuse Reporting

  • Response services for abuse of adults and/or children.

Domestic Violence Legal Services

  • Legal help for those suffering from domestic violence or abuse including help with restraining orders.

General Crime Victim Assistance

  • A broad array of help for people and families that have been victims of crime including help with court, counseling, and many other services.

Missing Persons

  • Help locating missing children and adults.

Restraining Orders

  • Legal help with obtaining court ordered distance from an abuser or stalker.