MHA Peer Training Academy

provided by Mental Health Association of Rochester/ Monroe County

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Mental Health Association of Monroe County - Peer Support Service

344 N Goodman Street
Rochester NY 14607
585-325-3145 ext. 121
Main office hours M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM. Many programs offer activities in the evenings and on Saturdays.
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On Bus Line.

Disabilities Access:

Wheelchair accessible.


* Offers a 20-session weekly classroom training and a 12-week internship experience that gives people in mental health recovery an opportunity to use and develop their lived experience into a professional supportive role in mental health services.

Eligibility: To apply, applicants must (at a minimum): Have a mental health diagnosis, earned a high school diploma (or GED/TASC equivalent) or more, and be a resident of Monroe County. The program seeks applicants with diverse experiences. People with mental health conditions who also have co-experiences such as a history of incarceration, homelessness, substance use, military service or identify as LGBTQ+, for example, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process: Visit website for full program information and application instructions. Applications can be submitted by mail, e-mail, or dropped off in person.

Required Documentation: Proof of HS Diploma or GED completion, 2 letters of recommendation, application

Fees: Program is offered at no cost to participants.

Coverage Note: Monroe County.


The Mental Health Association is a not-for-profit organization that offers many services that help people as they recover from mental illness or strive to maintain mental wellness.