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Basic Needs


Help with job hunting, job preparation, unemployment, and disability.


? Category Definition

One Stop Career Centers

  • Places that will help with many aspects of bettering job prospects in a single location: qualifying for a better job, interviewing, understanding career options, etc.

Discrimination Assistance

  • Legal help for members of a protected class (based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc) who have been unfairly held back in a job.


  • Places that will take fingerprints that can be used for applying for jobs that require them.

Job Assistance Programs

  • Help with finding and getting a job that matches a person's skills.

State Disability Insurance

  • State and federal programs for covered workers who were injured and have reduced ability to work.

State Unemployment Insurance

  • Temporary partial income replacement for eligible individuals who become unemployed.

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Job training and employment help for those who would otherwise have difficulty entering the workforce due to disability, addiction, or other issues.